Around Our Town: Puro Party Picks for Father’s Day Weekend 2016

fathersdaychurchsignFather and Son Chile-Eating Contest: Quién es más macho? The East Pocho Optimists Club once again sets up shop at Fernando Valenzuela Field for their annual chile-eating contest, which pits father-son teams against each other to see who can ascend the Picante Podium of Pain. The winning team wins even more chiles! Sunday, noon.

Bronche: Angry Bull cocktails (Red Bull, tequila, orange juice) are just $3 and dads get all the Mexican Meatloaf Sliders they want for free on Father’s Day at TGI Viernes in the Rancho Pocho Mall. Sunday 10 AM – 2 PM. Mention my name, Chale Knickerbocker, for a blank stare.

Radio: East Pocho Community College student radio (K-POCHO FM 89.3) will be featuring a 24-hour Father’s Day Music Marathon starting just after midnight Sunday morning, according to Program Director Queso Quesem. “We’ve got a great bunch of artists lined up,” he said:

We’ve got the Mamas and the Papas, Band of Fathers, Father, Father Tiger, the Father Ryan High School Marching Band, Father Murphy (they’re from Italy), Father Christmas Band, Father Jack, Father Hennepin, Father Sapienza, Father Son and Friends, Father Al And The Jazz Congregation, Your Father’s Mustache Band, Father John Misty, D-A-D and The Dad Band. We’ll hear from David Rybka & The Victorian Dad Band, the Bad Dad Band and Gay Dad. Don’t miss Daddy the Band, Daddy Band, the Daddy Mack Blues Band, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Big Daddy and Big Daddy Weave. Hang in for Papa, Papa Roach and Papa Grows Funk. And stay tuned for songs by Grandpa’s Band, Grandpa Banana and Grandpa’s Family Band.

BBQ: The Xican@ Vegan Collective has announced a Xican@ vegan Father’s Day Barbecue for Sunday at 4 PM at Hermana Cozamolatl Xochiquetzal’s home. Bring your dad and your own elotes, zucchini or soyrizo to cook on the grill and dip in a special Xican@ vegan dipping sauce that vaguely tastes like something that reminds you of good. Also: all the quinoa you can eat! Donations support Xican@ Vegan Collective pro-bono leg, underarm and eyebrow shaving education for the oppressed wymyn of Aztlan. Free to students, seniors and unemployed, undocumented and deconquisted gente.

Book Signing: Alternative Editor Mosca Mexican reads from his new book Choco USA at the Rubén Salazar Library Saturday at 2 PM. Choco USA tells the magically-realistic story of how a bitter bean from Mexico became America’s “go to” sweet treat.

Sign made here. Fatherhood joke attributed to Red Buttons.

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