Ay yi yi! Dude learns “Don’t mess with bull” the hard way (video)

Bullfighter dude had to go to intensive care.

The Costa Rica Star News reports:

A man gored by a bull during the traditional holiday “bullfights,” known as “Toros a la Tica,” is currently under intensive care at the Calderon Guardia hospital in the capital city of Costa Rica.

The incident took place during the afternoon run of Sunday, January 4th, and it was broadcast live by national television network Teletica. The man has been identified as Luis Salas Contreras, an experienced “improvised bullfighter” nicknamed “Saint Martin.”

Mr. Contreras was injured by a 450 kg beast named “Bayo,” a crowd favorite raised by Ganaderia Jorge Chinchilla. The bull charged Mr. Contreras with its right horn, catching him on his right shoulder and lifting him off the ground.