David Hidalgo y Los Cenzontles salute los braceros (video, lyrics)

This homage to Mexican braceros sets archival photos and portraits to Best of Me by Los Cenzontles with David Hidalgo of Los Lobos and Taj Mahal from their American Horizon CD. [Portraits by Craig Sherod. Edited by Maureen Gosling.]

Mira los lyrics:

I’ve walked a thousand miles
To get to where I am
And I’ve grown much too tired
To have to start again
Worked every kind of job
As well I was able
But hardly make enough
To keep food on the table
What else is a man
Than what he can provide
To the people that he loves
And live his life with pride?
What have I got to show?
Who do I have to be?
What else can I do
But to give the best of me?
I went into a church
Although the pews were empty
I bowed my head to pray
To see if He was listening
I’ve tried to keep my faith
And hold my head up high
To put my trust in Him
And not to question why.
What else is a man …