The Hip Hop Hoodíos drop new/old EP (3 videos!)

Do you know the Hip Hop Hoodios — North America’s leading Jewish Latino bi-coastal hip hop collective?

We’ve featured their extra-terrestrial music video before, and here it is again. As far as we know, Gorritos Cosmico is the only Spanglish OVNI video featuring flying sombreros AND yarmulkes!

And here’s Havana Nagila which starts out with the well-known Jewish folk song (en estilo mariachi though) and ends up as a poetry slam, or something like it:

But wait, there’s more! RAZA HOODIA, the band’s first EP from guey back has been re-mixed (by MONARETA) and re-released. Check out the new version of Times Square 1989 from RAZA HOODIA:

RAZA HOODIA is now out on iTunes and Spotify and other fine outlets.

The Hoodios are on Facebook, yo. Or oy.