¿Meteorito o OVNI en Bella Vista, Buenos Aires? (video)

What was it? A meteorite or an OVNI/UFO? Area kids captured a cellphone video of something hovering over Buenos Aires.

Inexplicata explains:

Argentina: Alleged UFO over Buenos Aires Excites Social Media

A group of kids recording a noctural foray on a cellphone had a surprise. A phenomenon lit up the skies in several districts of Buenos Aires.

On Friday morning (04.03.15) social media reported that a luminous phenomenon crossed the sky. It was seen more clearly from several districts of the city and its suburbs. There were even those who were able to capture the moment, described by some as the transit of a shooting star, or as a meteorite or even a UFO by others.

Children shooting video on a cellphone in Bella Vista were able to capture the moment in which a luminous object flies behind them. The video circulated rapidly through Twitter and some confirmed the fact, like journalist Mariela Fernandez, who tweeted: “I’m in Avellaneda and have just seen something in the sky. Did anyone else see anything? I’m not sure if it was a comet, a meteorite or the beer I’m drinking.”