Mexican family’s creepy doll ‘Rosita’ marks Halloween (video)

For 40 Halloweens, one Mexican family has been creeping out their neighbors.

New China TV breaks it down:

A baby doll with wide-rimmed eyes behind the window, silently watching pedestrians pass by.

Or just in front of the door, greeting visitors wordless and without any expression.

This is the way that the Alvarado family in the city of Saltillo in Mexico’s northern state of Coahuila keeps for more than 40 years to relate their likeness of a classic horror movie and mark the annual Halloween on Oct. 31.

(Soundbite) Rosalba Valdés Alvarado, Owner of “Rosita”

“I bought it 42 years ago. I bought it, because I liked it and it caught my eyes. I was not pregnant then, and I said I’m going to buy it in case I have a daughter.”

Sometimes, the family even takes the doll for a short walk around the neighberhood.
The family named it “Rosita” after a similar character in “Annabelle,” a terrifying epic that swept the cinemas during the 1970s and got a re-make in 2013.

(Soundbite) Sara Morales, Neighbor

“We really are in the belief that, yes, it comes alive. If we move it, the doll does not want to walk. But if she moves it, the doll does walk.”

Due to decades of persistent appearance, “Rosita” has become a magic scene within the neighborhood. Especially during the Halloween season, she is already a must-see for all the nearby residents to caress and pray for their own happiness and well-being.