New mouse? More RAM? Chip Torres will give you a byte (video)

Whether you need a new computer, a new mouse or more RAM, you need to see Chip Torres. He wants to give you a byte. Te voy a dar un byte.

Chip Torres? Hazmerca, La Communidad de Marketing in Español explains:

This merchant or businessman would say our ex-president Fox, a native of the city of Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico State lives up to the meaning “Hungry Coyote” and pulls the claw to show us a different way to promote our changarros without badly written flyers, ads newspaper made the legs, no feathers or hostesses bad silkscreened with stripes.

He opted for a music video, in which the protagonist and raps right and left the wide range of products and services that is driving the pace of “Keep me in your memory, leave me not to forget, let me play with the ball your mouse “different and not sticky?

If you find yourself near Plaza de la Tecnología, Uruguay #17, colonia Centro en México D.F, come on down!

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