NY loser Mayor de Blasio sings ‘I Love L.A.’ and we do too (music video)

deblasioFrom the Eastside to the Westside, POCHO loves L.A.
Congratulations to Los Reyes de Los Angeles,winners of the Estanley Cup.

You can sing along with losing NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Randy Newman – even before the Jimmy Kimmel show – with this handy video:

In other news of El Jaqqi, excited Kings fan L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti (He’s Mexican! He’s Italian! He’s Jewish!) dropped him the F-Bomb at the Kings rally Monday afternoon:

History buffs think Garcetti was quoting Vice President Joe Biden:

This photo from his Facebook page shows Alcalde Garcetti throwing the LA sign. Did Biden do that too?:


And here’s the Kimmel video (10:14PM):