Watch: So you’re saying that really WASN’T a photo of ‘El Cucuy’?

Yo, calmate, guey! That “El Kookooee” photo from last week is really not El Cucuy, OK? It’s called “refraction,” gente. Get a grip.

Albuquerque’s KRQE News explains:

A local ghost hunter has a theory about the a bizarre picture taken at the burning of El Kookooee in Albuquerque about a week ago, but it doesn’t involve ghosts.

The photo has been getting a lot of attention online after people noticed a strange figure looming above the crowd. On Monday, Wendy Jay with the Southwest Ghost Hunters Associated explained what she thinks it is.

“Basically, this is the exact match to the frame where the fire is,” said Wendy Jay of the Southwest Ghost Hunters Association. “It’s just inverted and upside down and basically a different color. It’s called refraction.”