UFOs and ancient Andes ruins: Frank Zappa’s “Inca Roads” (video)

The supremely weird (what else is new?) Inca Roads was the opening track on Frank Zappa’s 1975 LP One Size Fits All. Zappa and friends explore the racist cable TV theory that ancient illegal space aliens built the civilization of the Incas, because ancient Incas were not smart enough to do it themselves because brown. [George Duke, vocals and keyboards; Ruth Underwood, marimba.]

Mira las palabras:

Mas…UFOs and ancient Andes ruins: Frank Zappa’s “Inca Roads” (video)

Chile officials: UFO/OVNI pics show real UFO/OVNI (photos)

chileufo1Officials at the Chilean government agency in charge of investigating anomalous aerial phenomena have confirmed that photos taken last year at a copper mine in the remote north Andes are definitely photos of an anomalous aerial phenomenon, or Objecto Volante Non Identificado.

The photos show a disc-shaped unidentified flying object with an internal glow, according to the experts, who concluded that the photos were genuine.

Mas…Chile officials: UFO/OVNI pics show real UFO/OVNI (photos)

That new mammal they discovered in the Andes? Delicious! (video)

It’s called an olinguito. Freakin delicious, too! Elise Roedenbeck reports:

Olinguito, the cute new mammal discovered in the Andes, is nature’s newest little surprise. The small creature, related to the raccoon, looks like a cross between an Ewok and a rat. However, anyone who’s ever lived in the Andes can tell you meat is meat.

Using my connections in the Andean cloud forest meat network, we decided to cook up some critter using my favorite Peruvian recipe, lomo saltado. Except the lomo in this case is mountain rat (a.k.a. olinguito).