1940s Style: Orquesta de Don Ramon ‘Chicano Boogie’ (video)

It’s not much of a video but it rules as a wild examplar of 1940s pachuco “boogie-woogie jitterbug” (like Lalo Guerrero’s Los Chucos Suaves.) This performance features unstoppable rhumba-flavored proto-rock-n-roll beat-me-eight-to-the-bar-boogie-woogie highlighted by shouted Spanglish insanity. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give a nice welcoming round of applause to Orquesta de Don Ramon as they perform Chicano Boogie. [The artwork is from the Arhoolie compilation album. Yes, the track ends abruptly.]

Bouncy castle for adults is filled with boobies (video)

It’s boobs, chi-chis, ta-tas, hooters, tetas and breasts galore inside this bounce house for adults.

But haven’t we seen a breast-filled rubber room before? From one of MR. POCHO’s favorite bands?

Yes, we have, but we can’t run it here. 🙂 Click to peep this NSFW video from Mexican rockers Molotov with Rastamandita, the “Full Tetas Version.”


Mas…Bouncy castle for adults is filled with boobies (video)

Outlaw on the run? You’ve got ‘Compadres in the Sierra Madre’ (video)

Like many American songs ostensibly about Old Mexico, this song is really about America. San Francisco’s eclectic The Waybacks, like all smart outlaws, cross the Rio Grande to hook up with like-minded Compadres in the Sierra Madre. Swinging arrangement, cowboy lyrics? Could this be Western Swing?

Here are the lyrics and chords in case you want to swing along:

Mas…Outlaw on the run? You’ve got ‘Compadres in the Sierra Madre’ (video)

George Jones swings ‘Boogie Woogie Mexican Boy’ (video)

The late country music superstar George Jones wrote and sang quite a few standout songs. Boogie Woogie Mexican Boy (AKA Mexican Boogie) may not be among them. On the other hand, how many tunes do you know about a Mexican boy the girls like because he has “great big feet?” And how exactly did he cross the border into San Antone?

He was just a lad, not too old
Always lived in Mexico
And every day in the hot sunshine
He would dance and sing just to pass the time.

Dancin’, prancin’ up the street
Not even takin’ time to eat
This little boy with the great big feet
Doing the boogie with the Mexican beat.

Mas…George Jones swings ‘Boogie Woogie Mexican Boy’ (video)

Time to boogie: Kid Ramos & the Fabulocos are ‘Burnin’ the Chicken’

Are you ready to boogie? Straight-up Texican boogie rocks the house eight to the bar in this 2009 Fabulocos show. The band is smokin’ — Mike Molina on drums, James Barrios on bass and Kid Ramos on guitar live in New Braunfels, TX. You can see in the video that it’s daytime in Texas. Luckily, damn daylight savings doesn’t mean it’s too early to boogie!