Apology: These POCHO comments are ham not spam

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The bot’s not perfect, though. Sometimes legitimate comments get mistakenly trapped by Akismet, which uses artificial intelligence to decide if a comment is Spam (bad) or Ham (good).

Here, with our apologies, are a few comments that were mistakenly flagged as Spam:

Submitted on 2012/06/28 at 10:26 pm
This is the exact AZ’s hater history: Public Enemy ‘By the Time I Get to Arizona’ : Pocho diary for anyone who wants to attempt out out active this issue. You respond so such its virtually wearying to argue with you (not that I rattling would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new rotate on a matter thats been engrossed some for years. City block, but zealous!

Submitted on 2012/06/28 at 9:44 pm
Taking the course of least level of resistance could be the desired manner of functioning for several. It needs to be an enormous revolution for a lot of, nevertheless My spouse and i hesitation they could keep their particular outdated way of managing this looking at just this 1 article. With luck , most split via

Mas…Apology: These POCHO comments are ham not spam