Pocho Ocho top changes to expect now that Univision owns The Onion

univisiononionNow that UNIVISION has become a part owner of The Onion, our media analysts have compiled the Pocho Ocho top changes you can expect from the new corporation:

8. Daily stories tagged #TelemundoFail

7. Don Francisco’s triumphant return to TV as Area Man

6. Univision closes failing millennial-oriented website The Cilantro

Mas…Pocho Ocho top changes to expect now that Univision owns The Onion

It’s aliens and the kids from Lugar High vs Evil Don Nabisco (video)

The crew at Lugar High (in Lugar Heights) gets a visit from space aliens who, like all space aliens, want to empower Latinos. The Lugar kids’ mission, should they decide to accept it: Confront the evil Don Nabisco, host of a wildly-popular TV show. Look for special guest star cameos by Che Guevara and Sammy Sosa.

Unsung Heroes of Hispanic Heritage Month: Jonathan Norwen

[They were just ordinary people, living ordinary lives, until one singular sensation of circumstances conspired with fate to make them UNSUNG HEROES OF HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH]

Jonathan Norwen was just your typical intern at Univision, working towards his communication degree from Florida International University, when he was assigned the all-important task of keeping Don Francisco sober enough to get through a taping of Sabado Gigante. Norwen immediately formed a bond with Francisco and continues to hide the Don’s stash of Chivas Regal to this

Norwen photo by Armedgill.