Quinteto Latino: ‘Son de la bruja’ (live classical music video)

No, it’s not the Son of Jan Brewja. It’s the perfectly lovely (traditional Mexican) tune Son de la bruja (sound of/song of the witch) arranged by Jose Luis Hurtado, in magical 6/8 time. The Quinteto Latino is Diane Grubbe, Kyle Bruckmann, Leslie Tagorda, Shawn Jones, Armando Castellano. Shot at the Latin American Classical Musical Festival at the Old First Church, October 19, San Francisco.

LaChata’s Music Box: Aztlan Underground’s newest video ‘Our Nature’

With love from LaChata: For 20 years, Aztlan Underground has presented an evolution of consciousness intertwined with pre-Colombian thoughts, feelings and sounds. In a search for the other — the unknown — Aztlan Underground gives birth to a visceral sound that challenges listeners.

Check out their new, visually-stunning music video Our Nature. It starts with indigenous drums, channels the apocalyptic opera of the Doors and celebrates the natural animal spirit that inhabits us all.

From the hidden vaults of the Mayan pyramids, two more videos below:

Mas…LaChata’s Music Box: Aztlan Underground’s newest video ‘Our Nature’