@SaraChicaD gets her Cinco de Mayo ¡Grito! on (videos)

gritoscreencapIt’s time again for Cinco de Mayo, the holiday whose popularity no one really understands, except for the beer companies.

But now you can celebrate by getting your Grito on with the ¡Grito! app. Get it here.

What is the ¡Grito! app? It’s an app a native Texan and lover of her Mexican heritage Kathryn Gonzales made in order to celebrate — not mock — the culture of Gritos.

The app lets you play gritos at appropriate times, teaches about the history of gritos, and even lets you create your own. Here’s one I made for everyday usage:

Mas…@SaraChicaD gets her Cinco de Mayo ¡Grito! on (videos)

Exploring the sound of the mariachi grito in ‘El Rey’ — solo (video)

Chicago artist Diana Delgado Pinada writes:

Listening to the quintessential charro song El Rey accompanied with occasional “gritos Mexicanos” or “mariachi howls” would not be an unusual event. However, when the gritos are performed by a Latina in a Midwest suburban kitchen, in full charro attire, the isolated, elongated cries or howls resonate a little deeper.

Mas…Exploring the sound of the mariachi grito in ‘El Rey’ — solo (video)