Recent UFO/OVNI videos put (alien hotspot?) Colombia on edge

Recent eyewitness reports, still photos and videos of UFO/OVNIs over Colombia have some observers wondering if this South American country is a top space alien tourist destination while other, more skeptical, observers cry “shenanigans!”

Open Minds TV reports:

The media has picked up on a few alleged UFO videos from Colombia, prompting some to ask whether it is a new UFO hotspot. Many of the facts regarding the videos have been misreported by UFO websites, causing confusion and dubious conclusions on their part. Furthermore, some researchers think the objects in the videos are likely very terrestrial in origin.

Mas…Recent UFO/OVNI videos put (alien hotspot?) Colombia on edge

Colombia hipsters take off their pants for freedom (video)

Do you pochos know the Post hoc ergo propter hoc logical fallacy? It’s an argument — a false one — that asserts that if one event follows another, the first event caused the second.

Thank God it’s a fallacy. Two weeks ago POCHO’s Subcommandanta del Ñews Sara Inés Calderón was in Colombia. And then, over the weekend, Colombian hipsters were marching down the streets of Medellin in their chonies.