Daniel D. Portado: The 90s Are Back and So Am I! (video)

(PNS reporting from ALTA CALIFORNIA) The original militant self-deportationist Daniel D. Portado is back and proud as punch that his ex-boss Pete Wilson has endorsed GOP wannabe Mitt Rammane. Romney has already advocated self-deportation, as Portado told Rachel Maddow, and that means Romney endorses Portado! “Attention mojados,” he warns in this video. “It’s time to self-deport!”

Pocho Ocho 90s things I wish were back that aren’t Pete Wilson

Pete Wilson (official portrait)

It looks like the 1990s are back now that former Gov. Pete Wilson (R-CA) is in the political spotlight as the new chairman of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

I liked the 90s, but why doesn’t good stuff come back? You know, stuff like crushed velvet and bell sleeves, Beverly Hills 90210 fashion and NAFTA. Here are the top eight things they should bring back!

8. The promise of flying cars, where are the flying cars?!

7. TV shows filled with healthy white kids with nice teeth, a la, 90210 and  Saved by the Bell.

6. Headbands, butterfly patterns, crushed velvet and choker (necklaces) — fashion!

Mas…Pocho Ocho 90s things I wish were back that aren’t Pete Wilson