In Long Beach, an empty lot became a theater for the people (video)

“On a Saturday afternoon in late summer, in the midst of a Long Beach multicultural neighborhood inhabited mostly by Cambodians, Latinos and African-Americans, an empty lot came alive. Families walking with their children, teenagers running on skateboards and curious drivers slowed down their pace to watch live performances by an Hispanic theater group made up of day laborers, and by a group from CSULB’s Dance Department.” — Filmmaker Rick Meghiddo.

Hot improv mob gets all wet Hermosa at Black Tie Beach Party (photos)

Those intrepid improvisationalists from GuerillaLAImprov (photo, right) staged their Second Annual Black Tie Beach Party at Hermosa Beach Saturday, and POCHO amigo and ace photog Dan Cooke was there.

Black Tie Beach? Huh? You get all dressed up like you’re going to the prom and then you go swimming. What’s so hard to understand about that? Especially in this weather.

Peep these big versions of the shenanigans and check out the link to the complete Beach Tie Beach Party photo album:

Mas…Hot improv mob gets all wet Hermosa at Black Tie Beach Party (photos)

Documentary: ‘Zoot Suit’ knows the way to Monterey (video)

In 2008, Monterey County education officials (Central California) mounted a massive effort to stage three separate productions of Luis Valdez’ epic play, Zoot Suit, featuring combined casts and crews of kids from all their high schools. This documentary follows the teachers, Valdez, local volunteers and student actors from planning through auditions to show time.

The next time someone complains that arts education programs are a waste of money or that teachers are ripping off taxpayers, ask them to watch this video. They probably won’t watch, but if they do, and still don’t think Monterey County did a good thing, un-friend them on Facebook. With friends like that, you don’t need enemies!

If they agree, then let’s all bailar to Lalo Guerrero’s Los Chucos Suaves!

Mas…Documentary: ‘Zoot Suit’ knows the way to Monterey (video)