Valentine’s Day love song to a ‘Queen’ – with sousaphone (music video)

Chilean-American rapper Dazer teams up with Erin Kim — a contestant on NBC’s The Voice — for a multicultural love song to a Queen. We especially dig Grindz on sousaphone, a marching band tuba that wraps around the body. And check out MacArthur Park in the background where they left that cake out in the rain.

Mira los lyrics (en Español y Ingles):

Mas…Valentine’s Day love song to a ‘Queen’ – with sousaphone (music video)

South Carolina KKK Confederate flag march is better with tuba (video)

tubakkkEarlier this week, in Columbia, South Carolina, Confederate-flag-waving Ku Klux Klan white wingers paraded downtown. The paramilitary-garbed haters were joined by an uninvited sousaphone player who provided ironic musical accompaniment. (A sousaphone is the marching band variety of tuba that wraps around the player, making it easier to carry.) Enjoy the tubalicious music (is that Wagner?) AND the play-by-play commentary from a woman who may also be the videographer/uploader. “Stupid is as stupid does,” she notes. “This is a family tree with no branches.”

Mas…South Carolina KKK Confederate flag march is better with tuba (video)

Rockin’ Los Angeles Oaxacan marching band style (video)

Click, watch and share for 91 seconds of pure musical joy! If you can, listen real loud and/or with headphones for the amazing live sound recording and KILLER tuba playing! (That’s actually a Sousaphone, a modified tuba that wraps around the player’s body and is specially-designed for marching bands.) This Oaxacan marching band heralded the opening of FIOBFrente Indigena de Organizaciones Binacionales (Indigenous Front of Bi-national Organizations) — in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday. Sam Quiñones shot the video and has the story, via our friends at

  • And what about that chica on the bus bench? What is she thinking?

Pocho Ocho U.S. military secret special operations

The minute we heard the United States Air Force had planned and carried out Operation Chimichanga, we knew there had to be more to the story.  Our Pentagon sources confirmed the hunch:  The inspiration for the “chimichanga” code name was the way the Tex-Mex fried-burrito-belly-busters incapacitated unwary diners every time.  The brass hats’ hope was that secret teams in state-of-the-art aircraft could make the enemy moan just like fajita-fed TGIFridays customers on Cinco de Mayo.

There is more to the story — the pocho ocho secret Pentagon operations still in the planning stages:

8. Operation Don’t Drink the Water: Secret “wetback” forces from the Navy SEALS sneak into enemy territory and dose the water  with “pedo-biotic” agents bioengineered to cause widespread “Montezuma’s Revenge.”  This is expected to cause pandemic personal distress, lessen the enemy’s fighting capability and reduce water pressure.

7. Operation Hot Tamale: Inspired by the guetherman’s motto of “cool today, hot tamale,” stealthy airborne drones seed enemy skies with specially-formulated lard and masa pellets that trap your fat, screw your cholesterol and clot your veins. 

Mas…Pocho Ocho U.S. military secret special operations