Free Hi-Res Strike Poster Download: Teacher Vero of La Cucaracha

This free downloadable hi-res poster features Teacher Vero, one of the stars of La Cucaracha, the daily comic strip by me, Lalo Alcaraz.

Vero and La Cucaracha fully support the striking teachers of the Los Angeles Unified School District!

Public school teachers are the backbone of our country, and deserve higher pay, and our children also deserve smaller class sizes and full staff support.

Support our teachers by downloading this image and printing it out for placards and fliers. (Do not sell merchandise with the image without my permission.)

Here’s a ZIP file version.


Tia Lencha’s Cocina: I’m making tacos for teashers at Mijo’s eschool

Hola, is Tia Lencha here, in my kishen making tacos for the teashers at Mijo’s eschool.

The teashers are having a estrike becoz they want all the niños (thas kids for you pochos) no to be like sardines in the classrooms. Mijo says there are 40 estudens in his class! How can the teasher pay attenshun to so many niños? I can barely pay attenshun to Mijo when my favorite novela is on the televishun.

Mijo is helping me make the tacos for the teashers. He believes in la causa of the estrike. He says is no about the money only for teashers. Even though they get pay caca, those teashers. I always buy them giff cards for Targuess or Estarbus for all the holidays, so they can buy a relaxing candle or sone coffee. I dunno why, but teashers like coffee so much!

Mas…Tia Lencha’s Cocina: I’m making tacos for teashers at Mijo’s eschool