Pinche pocha wakes up from surgery talking like a bloody Brit (video)

A ruca Tejana named Lisa Alamia had jaw surgery and emerged from the operation with a British accent.

It’s a rare but documented medical condition called foreign accent syndrome that typically occurs after people emerge from comas and other brain trauma.

This pinche pocha claims that the only foreign country she’s ever been to is Mexico — and we don’t mean San Antonio. Lisa doesn’t even watch Downton Abbey, let alone eat fish and chips.

Her husband Chato says Lisa “can’t say ‘tamales,'” but she can eat a half dozen at one sitting, like a big ol’ Texas girl.  

Alamia may be the reason that England voted to leave the European Union in the recent Brexit election. Right wing Brits freaked out. They already were scared of Muslims but aye! caramba! now the Mexicans are coming for their culture!  

Scientists don’t have an exact explanation for why this Mexican-American woman is now speaking in a half-Aussie British accent, but our researchers at the National Pochismo Institute of Brainology do: