This L.A. pocha wishes she could speak better Spanish (video)

Los Angeles pocha Natalie Munguia didn’t learn Spanish when she was growing up, and now she feels left out, as she explains in this video for Sociology 244 at Whittier College. FYI, here’s the course description:

SOC 244 Social Class and Inequality

This course will examine a range of explanations of the persistence of different forms of inequality (primarily, but not exclusively) in the US. The course will focus on topic areas as case studies – for example education, labor markets, family policy, etc. – to illuminate the fundamental processes and relations of power that produce, reproduce and challenge the structural integrity. Within each topic area we will pay careful attention to race/ethnicity, gender, social class and sexuality as these structures mark main axes of power and social inequality. Finally, we will examine solutions to inequality.

3 credits.