Unsung Heroes of Hispanic Heritage Month: Ray Moss

They were ordinary people living ordinary lives, until one singular sensation of circumstances conspired with fate to make them UNSUNG HEROES OF HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH

The effort to organize African-American, Filipino-American and Mexican-American farmworkers in California’s Central Valley was an uphill battle in 1964. Fledgling union leader Cesar Chavez thought organizing a boycott of a particular crop might make a good focus for his efforts and he settled on rutabagas, which were just coming into season.

Fellow organizer “Uncle” Ray Moss (1918-1975) liked Chavez’s strategy, but felt a rutabaga boycott was a tactical mistake, since WTF are they anyhow, and who would miss them? After several all-night arguments, Moss convinced Chavez to switch crops, and the fabled Table Grape Boycott — which led to the victories of the United Farm Workers — was born.



Tio Ray Moss photo via Wikimedia Commons.