Up in the Argentine sky – it’s a bird, it’s a plane, WTF is it? (video)

What is that shiny, solvery thing in the sky near Salta, in Northwest Argentina?

The excellent Inexplicata blog explains:

Something out of the ordinary startled residents of Barrio El Carmen yesterday at noon.

It sparkled and moved, but it was unknown to those looking at it. Local residents were astounded by the object that appeared in the skies of Salta at noon yesterday.

In Barrio El Carmen, anyone looking up at that time would have been surprised to see an unusual shiny object. Some locals who beheld the circular shining object spoke with La Gaceta about the unanswered riddle: what could it have been?

“We were unable to identify the object,” says one local in the video. “It was silvery and flashing, and it let us to belive it was a UFO reflecting sunlight.”