Video Double Feature: Sometimes a bicycle is more than a bicycle

The Okra Planter
The Old Bicycle

A bicycle is just basic transportation, really. Wheels, metal tubes, chains, gears, rubber, grease, paint if you’re lucky, a basket and maybe a bell. Yet sometimes it’s a vehicle that binds fathers and daughters together.

Brasil sends us the multi-award-winning O Plantador de Quiabos (the okra planter) in Portuguese with English subtitles and from San Francisco’s Mission District comes a documentary that introduces us to the family behind La Bicicleta Vieja (the old bicycle), Spanish with English subtitles.

Enjoy these two shorts – our Sabado Pochonte Double Feature!

Okra Planter (O Plantador de Quiabos) – 2010 from Andrei Moyssiadis on Vimeo.

La Bicicleta Vieja (The old Bicycle) from LA CASITA on Vimeo.