Where in the US is Carmen Sandiego? And WTF is she saying?

wherearethemexicansCourtesy of Tio Sam’s United States Census.gov is this screen capture of Mexican-American distribution in the USA. Click here for an interactive map of other “Latino/Hispanic” ethnicities. Spoiler: Most Cuban-Americans are in Florida. [Click image to enlarge.]

non-engSpanish continues its dominance as the second most widely-spoken languages in the U.S., after English. Interesting to see the French-speaking pockets up near Canada and in NOLA, and scattered German and Scandinavian enclaves in the upper Midwest. And shout out to the Native American-Speaking counties and the Tagalog-speaking Pinoys of Hawaii, the Latinos of Asia. [Click image to enlarge.]

otherlanguagesAmerican cities have differing third-language characteristics (map, above).

languagetrendAnd long-term trends show speakers of Italian and Yiddish have declined as the descendants of Euro-Americans who arrived at the turn of the last century lose their parents’ tongues. Spoiler: Vietnamese is up. [Click image to enlarge.]

H/T The Washington Post’s KnowMore blog