Munchies in Oaxaca? This video tells you where to go!

Daniel Hernandez tells you where to go when you’re hungry in Oaxaca. [Video by Munchies TV]

The YouTube explains:

In the first episode of Munchies Guide to Oaxaca, host Daniel Hernandez dives right into the belly of Oaxacan food by starting his visit at the Mercado 20 de Noviembre, one of the old-school markets in the historic center of Oaxaca City. Here, he samples local fare like tejate, chilacayote, tasajo, andchapulines, Oaxaca’s famous toasted grasshoppers. Since everyone needs a recharge, Daniel then visits a classic Oaxaca City cantina called El Chato, and has the house special, a Mexican lager in a salted, lime-crusted glass. Later that night, he dines with chef Alejandro Ruiz, at the temple of contemporary Oaxaca cuisine, Casa Oaxaca.