Did an OVNI/UFO make ‘crop circles’ in Honduras? (video)

by ZORRO MULDER on December 3, 2015 in El Now, Outer Espace, Video

Why is there a giant depression (crop circle?) in a sorghum field outside of Victoria, Yoro, in Honduras. Some folks point to a UFO/OVNI.

Inexplicata reports:

HONDURAS. Residents of the town of Victoria, Yoro, are alarmed by an alleged flying object that supposedly landed in the vicinity.

According to reports, the area was completely destroyed, which could be due to the power of the “phenomenon.”

Following the event, local residents are on high alert to the presence of an alleged UFO, an event which — according to them – had never occured in that area.

At the moment, the nature of what could have caused such damage to the area remains unknown.

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