In Mor Mexican! Mexico City-born actor Ricardo “Pekas” Aranda eats a McXican Burger for the casting director. But is he acting Hispanic enough? Maybe makeup and wardrobe can help.

San Diego homie David Tomas Martinez read his poem The Only Mexican at the Brooklyn Poets Reading Series on April 25.

Dear Abuelita,
What are you drinking? Is that “Chocolate Abuelita?” It looks different. Anyway…I heard that Mitt Romney really likes Hispanics. Do you think I should vote for him or should I vote for my Negrito again? At least I know that he supports the Dream Act.

Aayy! Abuelita, please ease my worries.
Signed, Aye Voted

Dear Nowhere Near Being PC,
I’m drinking my medicine. It helps me see things clearly and loosens up my middle finger – which I am raising at the screen this very moment.

Hispanics?! Where are you from that you use such offensive terminology? Negrito?! No one uses that word anymore, let alone use it in reference to the President. Not even the modern version of Loteria has El Negrito on the playing cards. Although, it’s still okay to name your perro Negrito, Blackie or Prieto. That’s different. [Mas…]