bigflacoHappy 76th birthday, Texas accordian star Flaco Jimenez! Why is Mexican music filled with polkas and waltzes and accordions? It’s about immigration, according to Felix Contreras of NPR’s Alt.Latino and Chris Strachwitz of Arhoolie Records on Morning Edition:



“You shoulda told me you was married, baby,” she said. Those were the last words he ever heard. Flaco Jimenez and Ry Cooder explain: That’s the way the girls are in Texas! If not, we’ve got lyrics: [Mas…]

flacobigNPR writes:

Flaco Jiménez is in his seventh decade as a performer. He’s played with Ry Cooder, Dwight Yoakam, and even The Rolling Stones. Jiménez’s newest album, Legends & Legacies, is a collection of songs that illustrate the legacy of the Latin music style for which he is so well known: conjunto. [Mas…]

It doesn’t make for better or faster food — or healthier — but accordian music sure makes ordering at the McDonald’s drive-through window more fun!


The twangy surf sound of twin vintage Fender Jazzmaster guitars, R&B-meets-mariachi horn section, Tex-Mex accordion, a trumpet solo (!) and great vocals by Raul Malo make for a stellar performance by The Mavericks on Austin City Limits. New record, new tour! Gracias a Latin Alternative for the heads up.

Everything is chill when the street musician starts playing his accordian in the park — until the suave guitarist shows up. Who will win this battle of the park work stars? The musical gunfight is a toss-up, until a mysterious third man appears.

Houston Norteño band shreds on an iPad accordion!

by Victor Payan March 7, 2012 Cultura
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Houston Norteño band Grupo Delirio revs up what we’re calling Cumbia 2.0 with the help of an iPad accordion app, inaugurating the age of the iCcordion! We can’t wait for banda groups to fight back by unleashing the mighty iTuba! ‘Til then, enjoy the musical machaca, carnales!  Will this app work on the new iPad […]