In the brand new music video I Don’t Like the Comics You Drew, Dave draws the first page of his comic book and excitedly shows it to his friend Lei Lei. Lei Lei, however, is not impressed.

Hollywood comic hero Mel Brooks was not impressed either. Here’s Oscar-winning The Critic from 1963: [Mas…]

Cheech Marin stopped by Amoeba Music in Hollywood to reveal the stash in his bag.

Previously, Lalo Alcaraz shared his music with Amoeba: [Mas…]

Many visual artists have united for today’s Artstrike #nomorecuts Day of Action. I was invited to contribute a piece that pushes back against the rhetoric of the so-called “Fiscal Cliff,” a construct that seems to be a set up to slash needed social service budgets. We’ve created art to fight budget cuts that impact the poor and middle class and to demand the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes.

From the site: [Mas…]