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harrygrayIn this week’s Episode #74 of Entrepod, the podcast for wannabe entrepreneurs, host Adam Buckholtz (photo) speaks with Bay Area entrepreneur Genesee Flashpan.

She’s flushed with pride about WePupy — a new app that wipes “the sharing economy” and sanitizes it for your protection.

When you have to go, you have to go, and WePupy makes it easy to leave your cares behind at carefully curated facilities near you. [Mas…]



(PNS reporting from HOLLYWOOD) Stars from television, music and sports are set to gather in the old A&M sound stages (now the Henson Studios) on La Brea Avenue here today to record a rebuke to Donald Sterling, racist owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Galvanized by community organizer Emiliano Zapata Shabazz-Jones, who wears the mantle of slain civil rights pioneer Ricky Martin Luther King, the assembled stars will record The Donald Sterling Song — You Are An ^%$#.

“This ain’t no National Honky League,” Shabazz-Jones wrote in a scorching email scheduling the superstar session, “and we ain’t dancing to no Sweet Georgia Brown on Maggie’s Farm no more!” [Mas…]

Mike Wallace, iconic hard-hitting interviewer and 60 Minutes OG, died Sunday at 93.

For one classic story, Wallace went to China to track down the manufacturer of counterfeit American toys and ended up confronting a smarmy, chain-smoking attorney, Nathan Thurm, Esq. Thurm was not pleased.