La Quirky Nancy’s Cousin Becky from the Bay Area moves in with Nancy, but when they grab some METRO shared bicycles and tour the new hood, things don’t turn out exactly like Nancy expected.


The Mexico City Metro has installed a “penis seat” in one of its subway cars, featuring a molded likeness of a man’s torso and penis.

Por que? They hope to get men thinking about the sexual harrassment Mexico City mujeres have to put up with every pinche day.

Trade magazine Adweek reports: [Mas…]

A Floridian transplanted to Los Angeles, Te-Erika Patterson video’d Sunday’s No Pants Subway Ride — it was her third year stripping down and riding the rails for fun. If you think this is for you, check out her blog.

Videographer and photographer Dan “The Steel Shark” Cooke also braved the chilly 50° L.A. weather Sunday to take his pants off and ride the subway. Click on any photo to start the gallery: [Mas…]

They spotted each other on the subway underneath New York City. Will they be riding home together or is it a classic missed connection? [Enrola TV shot this video with an iPhone 6 with actors Lorena Rodriguez and Alfonso Diaz.]

As Summer 2012 wound down, the Opera del Espacio troupe dispatched their live street theater squad to the Los Angeles Metro Gold Line, and video’d the amusement, amazement and astonishment that greeted their performances. You don’t have to take the train to see them, however. They’re on Twitter and Facebook, too.