[We’re not positive, but we think this mashup is by I AM CRAVING YOU. So thanks!]

una-naveA spaceship came to town — thankfully they didn’t harm us. [Mas…]

Experience Frida Khalo’s paintings in a musical slideshow by RiZaAnn

mountainchief1916Ladies and gentlemen, give it up! On vocals, Mountain Chief of the Blackfoot. [Mas…]

UPDATE: Ramiro Gomez on NPR: 6/29/2012: Click here.

West Hollywood artist Ramiro “Jay” Gomez Jr. – the guy who inserts cardboard paintings of immigrant laborers into the real landscape of Los Angeles – also paints them onto glossy magazine photos. Meet fresh uploads Nemesio at the end of his workday and Ofelia taking a break. Gomez’s Happy Hills blog is here.