An OVNI/UFO came to town — but thankfully didn’t harm us (toons)

una-naveA spaceship came to town — thankfully they didn’t harm us.

marcianosJasinto Perez was drinking under the shadow of a tree. Suddenly martians arrived. They took Jasinto and carried him to their space ship. Jasinto was frightened and he started to pray Saint Barbara for help. Then the miracle happened. The Saint herself appeared before the martians and attacked them with the sword. The martians dropped Jasinto and ran to the ship. Jasinto gives thank fro that.

ovni2The sky became filled with UFO. We were scared they’d attack us and would abduct us for their experiments. However, they didn’t land but lined up and suddenly disappeared moved by a superior power. We all felt a sense of relief, and we thank the Virgin of San Juan for this strange and wonderful sight.

extra-hypnoAn extraterrestrial landed near our house and started to hypnotize my son in order to abduct him. But thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe our dog began bark. It distracted the extraterrestrial, so my son was able to run into the house. And the extraterrestrial only took a hypnotized chicken.

Images and translations via Retablos. Link via Tuiteros Andrew Chestnut PhD and David B. Metcalfe.