A Floridian transplanted to Los Angeles, Te-Erika Patterson video’d Sunday’s No Pants Subway Ride — it was her third year stripping down and riding the rails for fun. If you think this is for you, check out her MovingToLAToday.com blog.

Videographer and photographer Dan “The Steel Shark” Cooke also braved the chilly 50° L.A. weather Sunday to take his pants off and ride the subway. Click on any photo to start the gallery: [Mas…]

Auf Deutschland, thrill-seekers experience authentic pre-Columbian Mexico with every Talocan thrill ride at Phantasialand, the gigantor theme park in Brühl, North Rhine-Westphalia. [Beer and wurst slightly wurstier east of the Seine. Fire and water included. Earth and wind available at extra charge. Ask your cartel liason about extra-judicial disappearances and Aztec sacrifices.]

In the formerly-Soviet Република Србија (Republic of Serbia), lowrider rides you!

So you want to follow José Hernández into outer espace as a Latino astronaut? Here’s our handy list of tips for a safe and successful mission:

8. Do not order the all-bean burrito for lunch.

7. When you fly over my house, wave or else people will think you’re stuck up.

6. Make a mean face out the window when you pass over Arizona and Alabama.

5. When you come home, you and Eddie Olmos can start a Chicanos in Space club. [Mas…]