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Hurricane Marco Rubio is headed up the East Coast, bringing havoc and destruction wherever he makes landfall.

Ghosts and skeletons and ghouls that go bump in the night?

It was a spooky ñewsweek at POCHO — the most popular entries on the site were not the newsiest.

Pochos liked this week’s entries about Halloween, Chavo del Ocho Gangnam Style, The Simpsons‘ Mr. Burns’ endorsement of Gov. Mitt Romney  and Lalo Alcaraz’s Sandy toon.

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Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath
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POCHO Migrant Editor (and Daily Show Senior Latino Correspondent) Al Madrigal reports on the situation in lower Manhattan after Sandy.

I put on pants today. It wasn’t nearly as horrible as I remember.

Though it’s only been three days since Hurricane Sandy ransacked the East Coast, it feels like three years.

Manhattan is a different world. The subways are flooded, people are trapped in their neighborhoods, only the Thai place is delivering.

I went to the bodega for some cans of tuna, all they had was anchovies… Never mind, another day of coconut curry… [Mas…]