Around Our Town: Where to go, what to do Columbus Day Weekend

diadelaraza2013FOODIE FIESTA: It’s cross-cultural cuisine fusion this weekend in the Downtown Rancho Pocho Historical District as Marco Pollo on East Olmos Boulevard offers culinary explorers a trip around the world with spaghetti tacos, eggroll rellenos, carne asada pho and kimchee pupusas.

Enjoy the all you-can-eat buffet and pitchers of Mexican Bellinis (beer and peach juice) at special Dia de La Raza/Columbus Day prices.

Mention this scribe, Chale Knickerbocker, for a sweet dessert surprise. Hint: I’m a Flan Boi!

PARADE: The Knights of Columbus from St. Pocho R.C. Church head up Monday’s parade down Via Villaraigosa, which kicks off at 10 AM.

Floats from Domino’s Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Chuck E. Cheese will show off cartoon characters fabricated entirely of differently-shaped pieces of dry pasta, plus olives, anchovies, mushrooms, sliced pepperoni, dry oregano and basil and slivers of garlic all held together with mozzarella cheese. Note: The waving of Mexican AND Italian flags is encouraged, but no flagpole jousting like last year.

LECTURE: The Young Republicans of East Pocho Community College open their Fall Semester Lecture Series at Lalo Guerrero Concert Hall Sunday at 7 PM with a PowerPoint presentation on “How European Exploitation, Imperialism and Colonialism Made Mexico the Vibrant Free Market Democracy It Is Today.” FYI: Don’t expect free snacks.

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