Uncle Sam: Be all you can be…and then get the hell out!

Hundreds of U.S. military veterans are facing banishment after serving their country. Many of them considered their military service a path to U.S. citizenship but Uncle Sam has said, “No way, José, but thanks for your blood sweat and tears!”

Honorably discharged vets that that came to the U.S. legally are being arrested and deported, according to recent news reports. Charged with infractions like writing bad checks and possession of marijuana they get deported faster than you can say, “Show me your papers, Sergeant!”

In Rosarito, Mexico, about a dozen U.S. vets, dubbed the “Banished Veterans” are lobbying to change immigration laws that allows legal residents who commit certain crimes to be deported, despite military service.

S. J. Rivera is an Indie Publisher/Author and Smartass @ Broken Sword Publications