Brazil pot protestors fly a giant doobie (video)

Marchers hit the streets in 20 Brazilian cities Saturday with the goal of legalizing weed and ending the War on Drugs. In Sao Paolo, protestors flew a large papier maché marijuana spliff over the crowd of roughly 8,000. The chelovek who uploaded this video broke all the shots down, in case you have probs with your short-term memory retention:

M/S Man with marijuana plant and sign that says in English reading “100% natural”
W/S Protesters marching on Paulista Avenue
W/S Protesters marching on Paulista Avenue
W/S Event organiser with bullhorn
W/S Protesters
W/S Smoke generated by protesters
W/S Protesters on Consolacao Avenue
W/S Papier mache marijuana spliff flying through the air with green balloons in Sao Paulo, Brazil