Chiapas drought reveals 16th-century church (video)

It’s dry in Mexico, too, but it’s not all bad. Low waters in a Chipas reservoir have revealed a sunken treasure. reports:

As Mexico’s parched Nezahualcoyotl reservoir slowly succumbs to drought-like conditions, its receding waters have revealed a haunting relic from the past: a submerged 16th-century church not seen in over a decade.

Originally built by Dominican monks, the church was located in Quechula, a small town that church officials envisioned would eventually become a large population center. Quechula, however, was completely abandoned in the 1770s after a devastating plague ravaged the area.

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This automagically-subtitled video translates “Quechula” as “ketchup.” If this confusion lasts for more than four hours, contact a health professional immediately.