ICE IS KIDNAPPING OUR KIDS: Download Hi-Res Rally Poster Here

Our nation has reached a very dangerous turning point.

Migrant children are literally being ripped from the arms of mothers, and the cruel American government claims it is the immigrant’s fault for seeking asylum, or a better life in the U.S.A.

You can protest this sick policy pushed by the Trump regime by printing out a high-resolution poster version of my cartoon for use at rallies, protests and display at your home or place of business [LINK BELOW.]

Please do not alter the image, or sell it for profit on shirts, prints, or anything.

Thank you, and if you use this image in a rally or protest, please snap a pic of yourself and your beautiful like-minded friends and send it to us here at POCHO so we can share your dedication.

Email your selfies to

Image @2018 Lalo Acaraz/Andrews McMeel Syndication

For more information, visit FAMILIES BELONG TOGETHER.