From New Zealand: Donald Trump? Are you kidding? (video plus lyrics)

DONALD TRUMP – MUNTED comes from NZ's Most Munted who note that “Here in New Zealand, “munted” is slang for ‘damaged or unusable’… like Earth after Donageddon.” [NSFW? Mild profanity.]

What does the sheep say?

So have you heard of ‘The Don’?
He’s like a nitrogen bomb
All bluff and bullshit beware

With ‘Non-Belieber –bleached hair
This whole scenario’s wrong
His goal is ‘Boss USA’
Don’t need your votes, he can pay
Tells voters that he’s self-made

But we all know Daddy paid
So little Donald can play
Don’s good at opening malls
And building Mexican walls
Not strongly into Gay pride
Supports the racial divide
He’s scared of women with balls
The planet’s watching in fear
Except for one Russian bear
Who thinks the whole scenes a blast
The stars and stripes cannot last
If Donald Drumpf’s in the chair
So come on U.S. we plead
Don’t let this loose cannon lead
Like gun laws he lacks control
His slogans spew vitriol
He’ll hang us all out to bleed
No I’m not pro-Democrat
Ms. Clinton’s not where it’s at
We note she seems to ‘mis-speak’
From day to day, week to week
Depends on where her poll’s sat
So USA that’s just swell
Tell world opinion, ‘Go to Hell’
But friends hey if we were you
We would be packing bags too
And bidding homeland farewell
We heard Canada says ‘Come!’
But our advice is to run
To somewhere further afar
Maybe Australia
Till ‘Donageddon’ is done
In God We Trust – if that’s true
Then surely He’s testing you
If as a nation you cower
And give this idiot power
Goodbye, good luck and Adieu!
It’s all up to you.