I guess we’re not in those cotton fields back home anymore! (video)

It’s a biopic! It’s history! It’s a music video!

It’s long and complicated, so we’ll let them explain:

Algodón y V.I.N.O. is a music video written and directed by Jeremiah Joe Ocañas that follows a 12-year-old boy’s days of working in the cotton fields of Danevang, TX, to following his dream of moving to California and today, while living that dream in the mural adorned Highland Park, he reminisces on the journey as an adult.

The song Algodón y V.I.N.O. (Cotton and W.I.N.E.) written and performed by Ocañas was inspired by a visit to Solvang, CA, a Danish town and tourist attraction known for its wine vineyards. It was during this trip where Ocañas discovered the connection between Solvang which means “sunny fields” and Danevang, TX which means “Danish fields.”

Danevang was founded by the same settlers as Solvang in 1894 and to this day prospers on its cotton fields that Ocañas worked in as a young boy.