Yes indeed! That surely is a mega California burrito! (video)

The Mega California Burrito from Sabor Taqueria y Mariscos in Oxnard, Califas, is made with “three large tortillas, generous portions of carne asada, beans, fries, grilled peppers, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and red sauce.” $25 feeds the whole family! Come for the burritos and stay for the micheladas. Or vice versa.

Why is it a “California burrito? It’s the San Diego-style fries inside.

OPINION: We’ve got to get back to the Hotel California

Return your focus to powerhouse California:
Don’t let post-election blues stop you in your tracks

As I write this, it appears the Democrats won the popular vote but lost the presidency, and did not gain control of the House or Senate.

The Democratic Party is INCLUSIVE – embracing all racial and ethnic groups and religions – and is PROGRESSIVE, looking forward and not looking back.

I think it’s important to keep that in mind: Let’s build a hopeful and enlightened future based upon knowledge and science, and not on desperation, ignorance, superstition, and outmoded colonialist notions.

As an educator who works with mostly newly arrived adults and their children to this country, I have the responsibility of ensuring they are not only able to communicate in English, but they are aware of their rights.

I share with them one of their choices, which is the pathway to citizenship and getting the right to vote, both hard-won and still having to be vigilantly protected by generations of women, blacks, Latinos, and Asians in this country.

Mas…OPINION: We’ve got to get back to the Hotel California

City calm after white male terrorist Pokémon Go ban (video)

(PNS reporting from SANTA CHANCLA, CA) Streets were quiet here overnight as the city’s emergency ban on Pokémon Go went into effect at midnight.

Santa Chancla is the first city in California to ban Pokémon Go players within city limits, a ban authorized in response to widespread threats by white male terrorists.

“Every time you turn around some crazy young white guy is murdering someone — and these kids are running around in groups together? I don’t think so. Not in my town,” Mayor Juan Lopez told a press conference at City Hall this morning.

Mas…City calm after white male terrorist Pokémon Go ban (video)

The day my Mexican father met Cesar Chavez


Long live the farmworkers!

My late father, Salomón Chavez Huerta, first arrived in this country as an agricultural guest worker in the mid-1900s, during the Bracero Program. The Bracero Program represented a guest worker program between the United States and Mexico. From 1942 to 1964, the Mexican government exported an estimated 4.6 million Mexicans to meet this country’s labor shortage not only in the agricultural fields during two major wars (WWII and Korean War), but also in the railroad and mining sectors.

Like many braceros of his generation from rural Mexico, my father didn’t speak too much about the horrible working / housing conditions he endured while toiling in el norte. This included low pay, overcrowded housing, terrible food, limited legal rights, lack of freedom outside of the labor camps, racism, verbal / physical abuse and price gauging from company landlords / stores.

Mas…The day my Mexican father met Cesar Chavez

‘Study Abroad’ gringa is slow to realize she’s really in Califas

Tip from ex-Facebook friend breaks bad news

(PNS reporting from SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA) A “Study Abroad” student received some upsetting news last week when she realized nothing around her looked like the Lonely Planet guidebook she was carrying.

Becky Miller, a 21-year old geography major from Louisville, KY, was scheduled to spend three months in San Jose studying Spanish as a student with Veritas University. Her plans are now very much in doubt after she blew most of her savings in central California on San Jose Shark hockey games and visiting the Winchester Mystery Mansion.

Mas…‘Study Abroad’ gringa is slow to realize she’s really in Califas

Weeping Virgin Mary statue in Fresno draws the faithful (video)

The statue of La Virgen de Guadalupe in Maria Cardena’s living room in the central California city of Fresno appears to weeping, and she thinks it’s a miracle.

Joe Ybarra reports for KFSN:

A statue of the Virgin Mary in Fresno appears to be weeping. The family who owns the statue calls it a miracle and said it’s been happening for a while.

To the faithful, Maria Cardenas said the statue of the Virgin Mary is a blessing. Tears seem to well up in her right eye and stream down her face to her chin.

Cardenas said it’s beautiful the way she looks right now. Every tear, she said, is nothing short of a miracle. So she collects them in a glass and shares them with those who find their way to this home.

Mas…Weeping Virgin Mary statue in Fresno draws the faithful (video)

‘El Tortillero’ brought the goods to our neighborhood (video, lyrics)

salandisela2Sal and Isela are a husband and wife duo from Lake Elsinore, California, with fond memories of El Tortillero, the guy with the grocery truck who rolled through the hood. He was hecho en Mexico, just like his mazapan, and saladitos, and pastelitos de gansito, galletitas Maria, y chocomilk and ….

Mas…‘El Tortillero’ brought the goods to our neighborhood (video, lyrics)

Quitapenas ❤️ Cali’s Inland Empire: ‘Valle Moreno’ (video)

quitapenasJust so we’re all on the same page, let’s agree on terminology:

In addition, Quitapenas makes the following assertions about Valle Moreno. Dark Valley is:

Mas…Quitapenas ❤️ Cali’s Inland Empire: ‘Valle Moreno’ (video)

Two drivers stop, get out, and confront anti-immigration H8RZ (video)

twodriversHooray! We found a new video upload from the same white winger who gleefully shared the dancing Raza 1 Racists 0 video.

This new upload features the irony-impaired videographer and his know-nothing posse out on the streets waving American flags and ranting about “illegals.” Then two different guys drive by and stop their trucks, get out, and confront the H8RZ. [Adult language, F-bomb.]

Mas…Two drivers stop, get out, and confront anti-immigration H8RZ (video)

English is my third language; I grew up speaking Spanish and Caló

panzonI was born and raised in El Paso in an area known as The Second Ward because of its political designation in city government.

In the greater community, it was most popularly called South El Paso. However, the approximately 25,000 mostly Chicano people who lived there referred to the neighborhood as El Segundo Barrio. It was a barrio that was like an island sandwiched between the Rio Grande Mexican border and downtown El Paso.

In this isolated area, about a third of the families were of second or third generation Mexican descent like ours. Another third was made up of mostly migrant newer arrivals and the rest were in transition. However, it was the Spanish language that served to unite the whole community. Although Spanish was prevalent, lots of exposure to English came through, school, work, movies, radio, music and TV, which was then in its infancy.

Although I love that I am bilingual, I was recently reminded that I am, in fact, trilingual. You see, this third language was unique to our Segundo Barrio culture because it originated there. It started as the jargon for the criminal element in our midst. These outlaws were widely know as “pachucos” because of the Los Angeles bent to their style of clothes. Most of us called them Tirilis and for all intents, they were the precursors of today’s gang members.

Mas…English is my third language; I grew up speaking Spanish and Caló

Californian @AlMadrigal is all about the H20 on Jon Stewart (video)

POCHO’s Migrant Editor Al Madrigal – who lives in Los Angeles – had to make lifestyle changes because of the California water shortage. In New York, where there’s more than enough H20 to go around, Al can let it all hang out, as he explained to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.


Mas…Californian @AlMadrigal is all about the H20 on Jon Stewart (video)