Daniel D. Portado Introduces ‘Hispanics for Wilson’ (video)

Twenty-five years ago today, Proposition 187, the “Save Our State” initiative, was approved by the voters of California.

Anti-immigrant sentiment was thus successfully weaponized against Mexican and Latino undocumented immigrants for political gain.

A legendary activist group arrived on the scene to satirize the raging xenophobia and hysteria launched by Republican politician, California Governor and former mayor of San Diego, Pete Wilson.

That group, Hispanics For Wilson, hoaxed its way onto international television after being invited by Telemundo to present its outrageous pro-187 side to the world. The leader was known as Daniel D. Portado.

This is the actual footage of that fateful and hilarious day.

The satirical concept of “self-deportation” was born and soon made its way as an immigration talking point by Wilson’s campaign, all the way through the failed Mitt Romney Republican campaign for President.