Latino GOP Texas state rep compares Bernie Sanders with Nazis

villalbapendejoTexas Republican State Representative Jason Villalba, who represents a rich area of Dallas, continues to defend his Tweet implying Senator Bernie Sanders is acting like a Nazi.

Not that Sanders, who is Jewish, IS a Nazi, just sayin’, OK?

Villalba’s remarks are very similar to common misrepresentations of Latino Republican as vendido coconut pendejo babosos.

Not that Villalba IS a vendido coconut pendejo baboso. Just sayin’, OK?

El Tweet:

POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz Tweeted Representative Villalba to inform him that his Tweet is “so stupid on so many levels.”

“It’s hard to understand how Texas allows Villalba to write such idiotic backward trash on Twitter,” Alcaraz emailed this reporter, “until you realize he is a ‘representative’ of the Great State of Texas, which apparently is filled with hate-filled Republicans.”

Alcaraz later wrote to apologize to Villalba for calling him “congressman pendejo” who doesn’t know who the National Socialists are, who are nothing at all like the White Wing GOP Tea Party Confederate Flag waving gun-loving minority-hating don’t know much about history conservatives.

Just sayin’, OK?