Donald Trump is The Great Baboso

bigbabosoFor those of you not familiar with the Spanish word “baboso,” it generally refers to someone that is irresponsible or not intelligent. And its close cousin “babosadas,” refers to when a person talks nonsense or rubbish. In the current political atmosphere, the words are apt. Indeed, the words go a long way to explain why the world seems to be upside down at the moment.


Mas…Donald Trump is The Great Baboso

Latino GOP Texas state rep compares Bernie Sanders with Nazis

villalbapendejoTexas Republican State Representative Jason Villalba, who represents a rich area of Dallas, continues to defend his Tweet implying Senator Bernie Sanders is acting like a Nazi.

Not that Sanders, who is Jewish, IS a Nazi, just sayin’, OK?

Villalba’s remarks are very similar to common misrepresentations of Latino Republican as vendido coconut pendejo babosos.

Not that Villalba IS a vendido coconut pendejo baboso. Just sayin’, OK?

Mas…Latino GOP Texas state rep compares Bernie Sanders with Nazis

Breaking: Pasadena asshole complains ‘No one likes me’

(PNS reporting from PASADENA) Bob Lowe recently discovered that — for some reason — he is disliked by all his coworkers.

He explained the confusing situation to PNS Wednesday afternoon as he poured himself the last cup of coffee, left the empty pot on the heating element, and walked away without making more.

“I just don’t get it, you know?” he said. “I mean, maybe I take peoples’ lunches sometimes, big deal, you know? What did you think was gonna happen if you left food in the fridge?”

Lowe’s officemates on the eleventh floor have complained to company Vice President of Human Resources Mike Cervantes numerous times about Lowe’s inability to keep deadlines, hapless attempts to get others to do his work, refusal to learn new things, terrible personal hygiene and general rudeness in the 10 months since he was hired, but to no avail.

Mas…Breaking: Pasadena asshole complains ‘No one likes me’

Ñewsweek: Lalo the valet, the gay GOP sheriff, fishsticks and boobs

There’s a fine line between truth and satire, a twisty maze of passageways, all alike. POCHO was doing that line dance all week with these stories: