Mexican artist Hector Zamora: Reality and other deceptions (video)

Mexican artist Hector Zamora filled up an exhibit space in the French countryside with empty, boarded-up campers and RVs (they call them caravans over there).

Why, exactly? Julien Zerbone explains:

(The reality and other deceptions)
17 trailers with doors and windows blinded with OSB wood
Frac des Pays de la Loire, France

Héctor Zamora brings no less than seventeen caravans into the large hall of the Frac des Pays de la Loire, the maximum number in line with safety standards; seventeen caravans whose openings have been blocked by planks of wood, forming a labyrinthine and oppressive camp through which visitors are invited to make their way, the only thing on the horizon being the next caravan. Héctor Zamora thereby causes a rift between the overflowing exhibition space and the emptiness of the meadow surrounding the FRAC, neutralises the distance usually observed with respect to artworks while obstructing the view, and gives the visitor a feeling of disorientation and suffocation. In this way, the Mexican artist provides his take on a tough topic ever-present in France nowadays – namely occupations and deportations, lives reduced to vagrancy, elusive to our eyes.