Encyclopædia Britannica: Immigration to the U.S.A. (1946 video)

This 1946 educational film from Encyclopædia Brittanica presents a period look at immigration to the New World. “Negroes” are mentioned once, Native Americans are invisible, and Mexicans don’t show up until the very end, but it’s an interesting film pitching the “nation of immigrants” meme. Good public schools are important for the Melting Pot, they note, the quest for freedom brought many persecuted refugees here, Congress started blocking “undesirables” (Asians, Southern and Eastern Europeans) in 1924, and yet there’s the Statue of Liberty who lifts her lamp beside the golden door. History: You’re soaking in it.

Europe’s most popular ‘surf guitar’ tune: ‘Mexican Bodega’ (video)

Lennart_50_sSwedish composer Lennart Clerwell (photo) wrote Mexican Bodega, a perfectly lovely “surf guitar” instrumental ballad that seems to have been covered by every middle-aged Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish and German guitarist on YouTube.

It’s a sweet tune, as Tibor Slamovits shows in this video. We don’t know how or why the composition got its name — in Mexico a “bodega” is a warehouse, not a tiendita or “little shop” — but if this song reminds you of a bodega near you, go there now and buy or store some stuff.

For some reason, Friday Night is Taco Night in Norway (video)

In Norway, Friday night is Taco Night.

Molly Jones of the Norwegian American Weekly explains:

When it comes to Friday’s dinner plans, Norwegians seem to have one thing on their minds: tacos! The younger generations in Norway have coined the term “fredagstaco” to describe the cultural phenomenon of starting the weekend off with a serving—or two—of tacos.

Mas…For some reason, Friday Night is Taco Night in Norway (video)

PNS*Hot*Flash: Sick Queen Elizabeth says horsemeat is fine

(PNS reporting from LONDON) Queen Elizabeth II of England — depite being briefly hospitalized with a stomach infection — has endorsed the stampede of European carnivores who say horsemeat in your beefburger is no big deal.

Joining the German cabinet minister who advocated giving horsemeat-tainted products to poor people and the Huffington Post’s LatinoVoices, which published a Cuban horsemeat recipe, the 86-year-old Queen put her stamp of approval on the new “austerity” regime:

Mas…PNS*Hot*Flash: Sick Queen Elizabeth says horsemeat is fine